AS Psychology Section C - Approaches and Strengths and Weaknesses for each Approach

This includes a detailed outline of each approach the main assumptions and the strengths and weaknesses.I hope it aids your revision. Please comment and rate. Section C for OCR. - Cognitive,Developmental,Social,Physiological(Biological) and Individual Differences

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The Approaches in Psychology

In Section C of the exam you are required to have detailed
knowledge about the approaches.

Social Approach

All behaviour occurs in a social context, even when nobody else is physically present.
A major influence on people's behaviour, thought processes and emotions are other people…

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The Approaches in Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Behaviour can largely be explained in terms of how the mind operates
The mind works in a manner which is similar to a computer; inputting, storing and
retrieving data.

Strength of the Cognitive Approach Weaknesses
The cognitive approach used rigorous Can be over…

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The Approaches in Psychology

The Developmental Approach

All behaviour is adulthood is effected by experiences in childhood.
Development changes are a results of inherited factors (nature), which include events that
occur as a result of maturation, such as puberty.
Lifetime experiences (nurture), which include interactions with other people.



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