Role of technology

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  • Role of technology
    • Communities
      • Internet communities like Youtube, bring people together
      • Communities are shifting spheres, from reality to virtual
    • Music
      • There has been a rise in western music in Asian countries, K-pop, J-Rock and Japanese Hip-hop
      • It incorporates both languages within the music, their image is the same as western rappers, with the same branded clothes
    • The Internet Bride
      • Studied by Ford and the rise in internet brides in Russia and South America
      • The women were not unhappy but instead were honored to help their families through remittance
    • Globalisation
      • Western economic dominance
        • Economic gain through global markets, organs (Scheper-Hughes), internet brides, human trafficking
        • Scapes, used to understand globalization as economic, cultural and technological drive
        • Globalisation used to be mainly western ideas onto others, but now it is
        • Globalisation leads to de-territorralisation, an enveloping of local culture by global culture  (Deluze)
        • Globalisation makes the world look the same. But ut also makes us want to differentiate from others 0 it plays towards both arguments of homogenisation and individuality


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