Anthropology A2 Unit 3

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  • Anthropology
    • Out of Africa
    • Colonialism
    • Role of technology
    • Globalisation, culture and identity
      • Theoretical perspectives
        • Marxism= Bad and exploitative
        • Functionailsm= Economic growth and improvement of standards of living
        • Post Modernism= Individualistic and ability to reject elements.
      • People and ethnographies
        • Thomas Hyland-Eriksen: Globalisation is not new.
        • Yi Wang: Globalisation enhancing cultural identity- Revival of the Qipau, China
    • Migration
      • PUSH & PULL
      • People & ethnographies
        • Jason De Leon: Mexican migrants, use specialised economies
        • Roy germano, other side of immigration, mexican economy.
          • Thomas Hyland-Eriksen: Globalisation is not new.
    • Refugees
    • Tourism
    • Objects in museums
    • Health
    • Development
    • Human Rights
    • Indigenous Rights
    • Environment
    • War




Hi I'm self teaching myself anthropology and really struggling to learn the content and feel confident in my knowledge. I would really really appreciate if you could send me ANYTHING, slide show, notes... Anything you got from school. Please please please. Email: [email protected]

Soc Anth


Great start - Would be excellent to see some of the key terms, issues, theories and ETHNOGRAPHIES for the other main topics too!

Best of luck Reu!

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