Anthropological theories: IB social and cultural (Homewood) 4


Biopyschological functionalism: Malinowski  One's culture makes up for their physiological needs, for example: In the ethnogrpahy In search Of respect, this theory is applicable because the drug industry gives the subjects status, it acts as a 'food' a sustenance of life. It also contributes to the idea of self actualization which is one of Maslow's physiological needs in the hierarchy of needs. Feeling you have reached potential. Rememer functionalism is always concerned with the functions that something performs in a society. 

Mary Douglas Dirt Theory: something that 'shouldn't' be there due to culturally approved beliefs. For example, this could apply to the Ethnogrpahy working the Night Shift. Shilpha's husband needs his ego managed because he felt inferior to her.. why- because there is a strong sense of patriarchy in Indian society, men are the breadwinners typically, why should a woman earn more…


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