Anthropology Unit 3 Specification

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  • Anthropology Unit 3
    • Key Issues and debates
      • Extent of globalisation; causes + consequences
      • Social and biological differences
      • Impacts of Global and local; debates on cultural homogenisation
      • Continuities and changes in different forms of globalisation
      • Role of technology
    • Movement of people, ideas and objects: causes and consequences
      • History, causes and explanations of movement
        • "Out of Africa"
        • Ecological factors
        • Colonialism
        • Transnationalism
        • Globalisation and its different forms
      • Consequences of movement
        • Health and disease
        • Identity and diaspora
        • Impact on social structures, beliefs and cultural practices
      • Migration
      • Refugees
      • Tourism
      • Ideologies
      • Material Culture
    • The local perspective
      • Development projects
      • Indigenous rights and resistance
      • Changing cultural identity
    • Anthroplogical perspectives on world issues
      • Human rights and the global justice movement
      • Environmental conflict and global warming
      • Wars and nationalism


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