History, causes and explainations of tehcnology

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  • History, causes and explanations of movement
    • Ecological factors
      • Out of Africa theory by Stringer
        • We all descend from one origin, rift valley in Africa, through strength in numbers and curiosity, our ancestors populated the rest of the world during the time of Pangae
      • Biologically, our spines lengthened and our butts (lol) strengthened
      • The factors that drove our migration was food, pressures such as weather and conflict within the growing groups
    • Colonialism
      • The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers and expoliting it economically
      • The British impoverished and displaced the indigenous Africans, in one century they moved 8 million African's into the Caribbean Islands
      • They colonialised for resources, to show domiance through expanding their territories
        • And to protect their interests, India was a British trading route through to South Africa and Hong Kong
      • When they got there they:
        • Assimilated local populations into theirs, forcing relgion onto them
          • Before the 18th century 15% of African's were Christian after the Dutch, French and British colonized, over 50% are and still are Christian
        • Brough illness and diease
          • Over 80% of the Inca population in El Peru were killed by smallpox purposely brought by the Spanish (a form of biological warfare)
        • Provided education, medicine and jobs
          • See: Maharajaras
      • Some countries take on the role of a protectorate, a state controlled by another
    • Transnationalism
      • Economic and social boundaries between nations are blurred, people can now move creating homes away from home (diaspora), m blending cultures (hybrid identity) or partially becoming one with them (assimilating)
      • This has all be exacerbated by the advancement in technology, cheaper flights, the internet keep people connected
    • Globalisation and the role of technology
      • Increasing contact with other people, ideas and thing between different cultures around the globe
        • Some scholars think that globalization started in modern times with the introduction of technology and colonization, others during the age of discovery and the exploration of the New World
      • Ideological globalization refers to the transplanting one''s nations idea of life to another nation, similar to the "grass is greener on the other side idea"
      • L. Cho: Diaspora: diaspora bring people together who are not quite, race religion which extends across geographical spaces and historical experiences


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