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  • Glocal
    • Concepts
      • Global Village
        • The theory that the world has been smaller due to technology which transgresses boundaries thus making more people connected so is seemingly smaller
      • Cultural Authenticity
      • Homogenisation
        • Where culture has become uniform
      • Heterogeneity
        • A sociey that contains a variety of ethnic groups, languages, foods, etc
      • Differentiation
        • Local communities can and do select what they take on and which aspects they leave out (Harris)
          • Similar to localisation where products are translated for the local community
        • Cultural identity is the product of globalisation (Wang)
    • How does it happen?
      • Glocal is applying local knowledge to global issues but can also be the other way around (such as climate change where we should think globally and act locally)
    • Hybrid Identity
      • The mixing of two cultures to create a new one such as Chinese Canadians
        • This results in both cultural and biological hybridity)
      • Is a person who solely identifies with black aesthetics and culture but is of both Native American and African American descent a hybrid or just African American
        • Can a person be said to have a hybrid identity if they only identity with one culture? (Sandset)


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