reasons why Stalin won the power struggle

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  • factors for Stalins success in the power struggle
    • Luck favouring him
      • lucky for stalin that lenis testament wasn't publishedthen he wouldn't of been able to play the part of lenins disciple
      • lenin and sverdlov (close associate) died at the right time
    • Stalin's political position and skill
      • as general secretary hr was able to appoint his supporters to key positions in the party
        • also he had control of appointments and membership, making him a very useful ally so other contenders wanted him on their side
      • he stayed in the background and was moderate
      • he was responsive to mood of the times (e.g on NEP, and used it to defeat each side)
      • socialism in one country was more appealingmost party members than permanent
    • Stalins  personal characteristics and qualities
      • he was perceivedboring and no one perceived him as a threat
      • a v loyal party member and one of a few who had a proletarian background
    • Weaknesses of Trotsky's that led to his downfall
      • he didn't like to get involved in the drudge politics
      • he didnt go out of his way to build a power base, allowing stalin to erode the one he already had
      • he was too high minded and arrogant
      • he only joined party in 1917, so wasn't seen as loyal and many didn't trust him, thought he would use red army to become a dictator


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