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The Impact of Stalin's Leadership in the USSR, 1924 ­ 41
­ AQA AS History
Stalin's rise to power
Stalin's rise to power did not begin after the death of Lenin, as his positions within the party
had given already given his influence ­ perhaps the most significant position was…

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Stalin's rise to power was a combination of political and personal ability, ambition, luck,
and the mistakes and miscalculations of others

Political and personal ability

1924 ­ Stalin was already in a powerful position. He was...

General Secretary ­ he ran the party machine. Occupied probably the most
powerful position…

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Stalin gave few indications until the late 1920's that he was aiming for power
Risen to prominence under Lenin because he was counted on to `get things done',
not because he was regarded as a potential leader
Later commentators have credited him with a lust for power and with…

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Also seemed to have an even larger profile than Stalin himself
However, he was no match for Stalin and his ambitions were crushed by the mid1920s,
although he never accepted this fact until much later, if at all


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