History: Reasons for why Stalin replaced the NEP

Reasons for why Stalin replaced the NEP with the 5YP's

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  • Reasons for replacing the NEP with the 5YP's
    • 1928 Stalin launched his 'revolution from above'
    • Economic Reasons
      • Since 1927 the NEP failed to deliver any increased growth in any sector of the ecoonomy relative to 1926
        • Industrialisation was one of the main golas of the Soviet goverment
        • Agricultural reforms were essential for rapid industrialisation
        • The production of Steel and Iron had not risen since 1913
          • Steel 1913:4.0, 1928:4.0 (million tonnes)
          • Iron 1913: 4.2, 1928:3.3 (million tonnes)
        • Stalin planned to reorganise agriculture so that it was more efficient. This would provide the additional food needed for a growing industrial workforce, and release peasants to work in industry
    • Ideological Reasons
      • The NEP was disliked by many memebers of the Communist Party. They believed it went against the party's main policy of Communism as the NEP was seen as Capitalist as it allowed peasants for example to make aprofit on the grain they were selling
      • Many communists were concerned that the peasants preffered capitalism to Communism. Therefore Stalin hoped that by reforming agriculture the peasants would be convinced that Communis,m was a better system.
      • Stalin also believed that the NEP had favoured the Peasants over the Working Class as a communist Stalin was committed to improving the welfare of the workers
    • Political Reasons
      • Stalin wanted to demostrate that he had won the Leadership or Power Struggle that hasdplagued the party after Lenin's death.
        • Stalin forced the Central Committe to choose between his policies or that of bukharin's. in choosing his policies, the Central Committee confirmed Stalin as the undisputed leader of Russia
    • Fear of War
      • At the end of the 1920's the Russian officials were worried that Germany was prepearing for war
        • German industrial production far exceeded that of Russia so Germany was in a stronger postion to fight if war broke out between both countires
        • In order to be in a better position to fight. Russia needed a modern industry necessary for rearmament


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