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The Terror:
What it was:

Stalin's policy of control
It had been used by Lenin to remove opposition, yet Stalin turned it onto wider society

The Impacts:

Between 10-20 million people died in Stalin's reign
As many as 7 million executed by the state
At one point 10% of the…

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Now Yagoda had worried him, he thought most people were his enemies

Terror economics:

Stalin accused opponents for working for Zinoviev, Kamenev and Trotsky
This provided him with scapegoats for failures with 5YP
The large numbers in concentration camps provided slave labour for 5YP

Why this caused the Terror:


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1936-1938 was the height if the terror

The trial of the 16: (1936)

Zinoviev and Kamenev were the two main victims
They were charged with murdering Kirov and
disrupting the 5YP
Were both (probably) offered pardons if they
pleaded guilty
However, when they pleaded guilty, they were
43 of…

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He was largely responsible for the Terror
A few months after the murder, 30-40 thousand people had been exiled for political crimes
He did not find enemies quick enough, however
He lived in luxury, owning 70 pairs of ladies underwear
Executed in 1938

The second wave- Yezhovschina:

Named after new…


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