603 Medical Ethics

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  • Abortion is legal untill 24 weeks, 2 doctors have to agree, if the mother is at risk 40 weeks
  • The stages in which people believe life begins- Stage 1-When the couple have sex, Stage 2-When the eggs fertillised, Stage 3-When the heart beats, Stage 4-When the baby can survive, Stage 5- When the baby is born
  • For-She can do what she wants, she might not be ready, she might've been *****/abused
  • Against-The baby has a right to live, murder, irresponsable, adoption
  • C of E-Lesser of the two evils, might be the best option, ok if the mother/baby is endangered
  • RC-Pro-life, sinful, God decides when people die, ok if a life is saved, 'thou shalt not…


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