RE: Animal Rights

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  • RE: Animal Rights.
    • key words:
      • Sanctity of life
      • Responsiblity
      • Extinction
      • Factory Farming
      • Vegetarianisn
      • Vegan
      • Fur trade
      • Ivory trade
      • Animal experiments
      • Genetic modification
      • Cloning
    • How we use animals:
      • Pets/Companions e.g.cats, dogs, hamasters
      • As exercise e.g.horses, dogs
      • As workers e.g. Guide dogs, Sniffer dogs, Police horses
      • As providers e.g. animals used for fur and meat. ivoy and wool
      • To experiment on e.g. medicines
      • As sport e.g. bull fighting
    • UK Law:
      • 1.It is a criminal offence to be cruel or neglect an animal.
      • 2.Some animals cannot be kept as pets e.g. pitbulls
      • 3.Animal experiments for cosmetics are banned and all animal experiments are monitored by the government. Labs are regularly inspected
      • 4.Dog/Fox hunting is illegal
      • 5.Pets have rights given by the welfare act - must have food, water and suitable shelter.
    • factory farming:
      • Against:
        • Factory farming is cruel to the animals, they have no room to move and often never see daylight. chickens are given growth enhancing hormones which can cause their legs to break.
        • Factory farming has proved to be a danger to the environment: a third of CO2 emissions comes from intensive farming practices.
        • Dairy cows are kept permanently pregnant so they produce milk all the time
        • Free range farms give animals better living conditions, they can go outside and behave naturally.
      • For:
        • Humans are better than animals in many ways. we are more powerful and  intelligent than farm animals and therefore we can treat them as we see fit
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