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  • RE - Animals
    • What are Animals?
      • Animals are any living being
        • They can carry out all of the MRSGREN functions
          • Moving, Respiring, Secreting, Growing, Reproducing, Eating, Nutrition
      • Animals are lower on the food chain
        • they do not have souls or the height of intelligence we have
      • We are a type of animal whom is more evolved
    • Religion and Beliefs
      • Christians believe that humans are looking after animals for God
        • This is called Stewardship
      • Some Christians believe that animals were given to us by God to use -and respect
        • This is called Dominion
    • How do We use animals
      • We use animals for many things
        • Sports
          • Bull Fighting
          • **** Fighting
          • Dog Racing
          • Equine Sports
        • Assistance
          • Sled Dogs
          • Guide Dogs
        • Companions
          • Pets
        • Food
          • Battery farming is where animals are packed in tight conditions to reduce costs and maximise profit
            • this is also known as factory farming
          • free range farming is where animals have more natural  conditions to live in, and not giving them foods to increase their size
            • this can be sold as organic or free range foods
      • Entertainment
        • Zoos and Wildlife Parks
        • Sports
        • Pets
    • 'Cruel' Uses for Animals
      • Ivory
        • When animals with horns are hunted for the ivory within them
        • This is illegal
        • Uses endangered species
        • Can be useful for poor countries
      • Races or Sports
      • Hunting
        • Fox Hunting
        • Ivory Trade
        • Shark Hunting
      • Research
        • Testing on animals for new medicinal drugs and advancements
        • Testing for commercial products is now illegal in the UK
    • Quotes for Animals
      • "Fill the world and all in it" -for dominion
      • "The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it" - for stewardship
    • Religious beliefs and animals
      • Christians do not actively disbelieve in eating animals
        • as long as they respect their God's creations
      • Jewish people only eat Kosher meat
        • Hoofed animals and non-scaled fish are not Kosher
      • Most religious people would disagree with hunting because it kills God's creation
      • Buddhists are mainly vegetarian
        • they believe animals have souls, due to reincarnation


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