Rapid Urbanisation + Case study

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  • Located on the western coast, lying within India's richest state
    • Mumbai
      • Home to over 20 million people - receiving an estimated 1000 new migrants per day
      • Causes of growth
        • Services such as IT and Banking
        • Mumbai's Uni's produce well educated English speaking graduates who get employed by large western companies
        • Manufacturing; half of factory workers in Mumbai work for textile companies
        • Construction as their is a large demand for housing
      • Rapid Urbanisation: Mumbai
        • Dharavi Slums - Mumbai
          • Social
            • Benefits
              • Excusive, tight knit community
            • Issues
              • 1 million people living in 1 sq mile
              • Wood is one of the main building materials used - creates a fire hazard
              • Estimated 1 toilet per 500 people
              • Child labour in factories
          • Environmental
            • Issues
              • Rat infestation
              • Smells of sewage and waste
              • Sanitation issues e.g. water pipes are cracked an mix with sewage
              • Risk of flooding in rainy season
          • Economic
            • Benefits
              • Lots of business
              • Established high street
              • 85% of people living in the slum have jobs
              • Vast range of cottage industries - $40 million / year
            • Issues
              • Lots of people are poor
              • Residents cant afford to move out
              • Many businesses are unregulated
      • Effects of Growth
        • Positives
          • Globalisation has provided Mumbai with good services
          • Headquarters of large Indian TNC's
        • Negatives
          • Cities wealth attracts lots of migrants leading to overcrowding
          • Unemployment and poor public services make life difficult for a large proportion of the pop
          • Over 3000 people die on Mumbais railway network each year


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