Racial Equality

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  • Racial Equality
    • Jim Crow Laws
      • Passed in 1890's - Separate but equal
    • Segregation
      • Black not as educated lived in worse places earned less wage couldn't vote
    • Ku Klax Klan
      • WASP's dressed in white burnt crosses murdered, ***** and lynched black people
    • Buses
      • Blacks had to give up their seat for whites or sit at back of bus
      • Rosa parks refused was arrested & in jail in 1955 MLK organised Montgomery Bus Boycott in protest
      • 75% of black people rode buses so bus companies forced to end segregation on buses in 1956
    • Martin Luther King
      • Believed in peaceful protests - "Passive Disobedience" & won Nobel peace prize 1964
      • Organised 'sit-ins' but arrested 3 times in 1960/61
      • "I have a dream.." 250,000 people turned up to listen at Lincoln Memorial
      • Assassinated on 4th April 1968 Memphis
    • Malcolm X
      • Member of Nation of Islam wanted separate black states
      • Was anti-white in 1963 forced to leave NOI and formed OAAU
        • Influenced Stokely Carmichael he believed in Black Power
      • Assassinated Feb 1965


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