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Prejudice and
Key ideas What you need to know
1.1 Key idea 1.1 explores experiences of prejudice and persecution. The stu
must include examples from the UK today:

Key idea 1.1
You must know what the terms prejudice, discrimination and persecu

Is an attitude about a…

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It means labelling a group of people with the same characteristic
in all people in the group were exactly the same
Stereotyping can take different forms for example:
National stereotyping: all Scotsmen are mean
Sexist stereotyping: all blonde women are bimbos
Ageist stereotyping-all old people are grumpy

How stereotyping can…

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Examples of institutional discrimination-racist, sexist language or
stereotyping might be part of the accepted culture of an institution (e.g.
police, education, employment)

Systematic discrimination, violence and intolerance against group
including genocide:
You need to know examples of how prejudice can lead to discrimination,
violence and intolerance against groups that exist…

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· community or organisational action e.g. human rights defenders,
disability groups, religious groups, local democratic structures

· Local action e.g. constitutional rights, the role of law;
Local government introducing policies such as providing school m
that take into account everyone s dietary needs
Employers introducing positive employment policies-for example

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5. Examples of the different ways in which individuals, groups and
governments can reduce prejudice

Prejudice and Persecution: Sample examination question

Prejudice and Persecution is an option topic and therefore in Paper 2.

Sample questions : 1 or 2 mark recall questions
These are straightforward recall questions, asking for a…

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Make sure you give two different ideas not just two versions of the sam

Sample exam question
Give two reasons why people are prejudiced (4 marks)

Sample exam answer
Prejudice can be based on ignorance or fear of outsiders. So if people fea
immigrants will take their jobs they…

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as soaps, sitcoms and documentaries, the media might get the idea acros
prejudiced behaviour is not acceptable.

But it is hard to change people's attitudes and beliefs, so the governmen
passed laws which target discrimination. Examples of such laws are the Equ
and Sex Discrimination Act, and the Race Relations…

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Genocide Wiping out a group completely, by deliberate killing or removing vital resource
water and medical care) so it cannot survive.
Colonisation Where one country takes control of the governments, economies and legal
systems of other territories/countries in the world in order to extend its power
Inferior Less good than…

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