Humanities- Prejudice and Persecution- Key Words

The keywords from the whole of the Perjudice and Persecution topic, humanities. 

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  • Humanities- Prejudice and Persecution.
    • Stereotype
      • A fixed, general view of a whole group of people which doesn't recognise individual differences. Usually negative.
    • Socialisation
      • The process by which a child learns the ways of it's culture. It can be seen as a process of stages
    • Scapegoating
      • Blaming a person or group for things they did not necessarily do.
    • Outsider Groups
      • People whose culture is new or different to those who hole most power in society.
    • Prejudice
      • A negative opinion formed against a person or group of people based on a stereotype.
    • Racial Prejudice
      • A belief that one race or ethnic group is superior to another.
    • Tribalism
      • The existence of people who share a strong group identity
    • Nationalism
      • The belief that one's country is superior to other countries.
    • Imperialism
      • The act of creating an empire by invading other countries.
    • Propaganda
      • Information which is used to influence other's opinions. It may 'bend' the facts or not tell the whole story.
    • Insider Group
      • People who hold most power and influence in a society.
    • Discrimination
      • Unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice about things such as age, gender, sexuality, disability, race, religion or class
    • Ridicule
      • Words or actions which make fun of people to hurt their feelings.
    • Barriers Of Access
      • Ways of preventing disabled people participating fully in society.
    • Institutional Discrimination
      • Existence of prejudice in the way an organisation works and delivers it's services.
    • Intolerance
      • The lack of willingness to respect differences among people.
    • Systematic Persecution
      • The deliberate and organised harassment and murder of people.
    • Genocide
      • The destruction of a large number of people.
    • Violence
      • An act of aggression which is intended to cause pain.
    • Holocaust
      • The persecution of millions of people, mainly jews, by the Nazis.
    • Gypsy
      • The common name in the UK for the Sinti and Roma people who live all over Europe.
    • Campaign
      • A series of coordinated actions which work towards particular objectives.
    • Equal Rights Legislation
      • Laws made to ensure that all people have an equal chance to participate in all forms of activity.
    • Apartheid
      • A system of segregation on the basis of race.
    • Affirmation Action
      • Actions and policies to improve situations for people disadvantag-ed by existing discriminati-on


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