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Family is a group of people connected by marriage or Nuclear family is a mother, father and their children. Extended family is a nuclear family with other relatives
blood relationships. living nearby.
Household are people who live within a house. Singleperson household is a person living on their Singleparent family (also called loneparent family) is
own, due to choice, through relationship breakdown or one parent (mother or father) living with their children
death of partner. often after divorce, separation or death of parent.
Reconstituted family is a family where at least one Civil partnership is a partnership (almost like a Student household is a group of nonrelated students
child is not common to both adults. (These are families marriage) between samesex couples that then become sharing accommodation, eating arrangements and bills.
that have stepbrothers and/or stepsisters. civil partners. giving them legal, financial and childcare
Marriage is a legal partnership between a man and Monogamy is a marriage to one partner at a time. Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage.
Serial monogamy is a series of relationships including Polygamy is a marriage to more than one partner at a Socialisation function is the process by which parents
a pattern of marriage, divorce and remarriage. time. teach acceptable behaviour to their children.
Caring function in family is looking after disabled, Sexual function in a family are adults that have a Economic function in a family are families that are
young or elderly members of the family. stable sexual relationship. units that earn and spend money.
Gender roles are tasks and expectations assigned to Division of labour is how tasks in the home are Childcare is the role of looking after the children which
males and females in society. organised and divided up between members of the family can be carried out by parents, relatives or other providers
or household. such as nurseries.
Househusband is the male parent who stays at home Lifeexpectancy is the average length of time a person National Health Service (NHS) provides nursing and
and looks after the children and the house while the is expected to live. care for elderly people in addition to health services for
mother goes out to work. the rest of the population.
Social services provides help for people in their homes Residential care is a place for people who cant stay in Class is the way society is divided into groups based in
and helps fund residential care. their own home. Meals and personal care are provided factors such as job, power and wealth. The three main
also staff are available 24 hours a day. classes are upper, middle and working.
Family size is the average number of children a woman Cohabitation is when couples live together but aren't Arranged marriage is a marriage where the partners
has. legally married. have been chosen by the parents of the bride and groom.
Contraception is the use of birth control to prevent Cerealpacket family is an ideal nuclear family used in Rolemodel is someone who is used as a reference
pregnancy. advertising with a housewife and male breadwinner. point for behaviour. Most people try to be like them.
Adoption is taking legal responsibility for a child other Child benefit is a weekly payment to parents to Child Support Act 1991, 1995 and 2000 controls the
than your own. support a child. amount an absent parent must pay to the parent who
cares for the child.
Divorce Reform Act 1969 allows a couple to divorce on Parental responsibility is when parents ensure that Children Act 2004 is about the idea that 'every child

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These are 5 outcomes for children that include
discipline and protection for their children. the right to stay safe and to be healthy.
Marriage rate is the number of marriages per 1,000 Divorce rate is the number of divorces per 1,000 Dualincome household is a household or a family
people. people. where both parents go out to work and have an income.…read more

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Systematic persecution is the deliberate and Genocide comes from the word geno = people, race Violence is an act of aggression which is intended to
organised harassment and murder of people. and cide = murder. It is the destruction of a large cause harm and pain.
number of people (racial, social, political, cultural or
religious group).…read more


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