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Family is a group of people connected by marriage or Nuclear family is a mother, father and their children. Extended family is a nuclear family with other relatives
blood relationships. living nearby.
Household are people who live within a house. Singleperson household is a person living on their Singleparent family…

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the grounds of adultery, cruelty and mutual consent. they provide housing, education, medical treatment, matters'. These are 5 outcomes for children that include
discipline and protection for their children. the right to stay safe and to be healthy.
Marriage rate is the number of marriages per 1,000 Divorce rate is…

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people to participate full in society. the way an organisation works and delivers its services. differences among people.
Systematic persecution is the deliberate and Genocide comes from the word geno = people, race Violence is an act of aggression which is intended to
organised harassment and murder of people. and…


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