Prior Chapter 5-6

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  • Prior
    • Physical Appearance
      • Tired "Nightmares were so bad"
      • "Fair." "Pompous." "Blunt-nosed."
      • "Thinner, more defensive."
      • "Tougher."
      • "Sharp-boned alley cat."
    • State of health on entering Craiglockhart
      • Upset - won't talk
      • Nightmares. "So bad his room mate won't sleep."
      • Asthma
    • Personal Demaneour
      • Withdrawn
    • Attitude to Others
      • Blunt
      • Doesn't want to need help, but doesn't want to be abandoned.
      • Thinks he's better than the others. Chooses to isolate himself.
        • Doesn't want to be like them (Mental health wise)
      • Dislikes Rivers - Want hypnosis
        • Becomes more tolerant
        • Gets aggravated and abrupt
    • Your Impressions
      • Arrogant
      • Stubborn
      • Vunerable
      • Scared to confront what's happened


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