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Hareton/Heathcliff + degradation

Degraded state and willingness to be put right
"it" ­ part one, chapter iv (page 37)
"Hareton has been cast out like an unfledged dunock" ­ part one, chapter iv (page 35)
x ref: Heathcliff as "cuckoo" (same page)
"I struggled only for you!" ­ part one,…

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"passionate" /"blazing"
"rocking herself in a chair that had been her mothers" ­ part two, chapter iv (page
"disregard to common forms of politeness." ­ part two, chapter xvii (page 299)
"I should love well to bring her pride a peg lower." ­ part two, chapter xvi…

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"I repent of nothing" ­ part two, chap
ter xx (page 333)
"Selfish, unchristian" ­ part two, chapter xx (page 333)
"exquisite extremes" ­ part two chapter xx (page 131)
"he had a delight in dwelling on dark things"
"lonely like the devil"
"nobody loves you, nobody will cry…

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"model of patience"
"my children" (referring to Cathy and Hareton)
"I'll stand her friend and counsellor to the last!"
"a very fair narrator"
"you have no marks of the manners that I am habituated to consider peculiar to your class."
"a steady, reasonable kind of body"
"I have read more…

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"pale"/ "passionate"
"ghoul or vampire"
"Diabolical father"
"a bird of bad omen"
"wanted spirit"

"if he loved with all the powers of his puny being, he couldn't love as much in eighty years as I
could in a day."
"it was not the thorn bending to the…


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