The Great Gatsby - Chapter Reviews


Chapter 5

Introductions - Setting

  • Nick's house -  Gatsby has Nick's grass cut and has "a greenhouse" of flowers delivered prior to Daisy's arrival, wanting to make sure every detail of his meeting is perfect (meaning it measures up to his dream).


  • Clock - Gatsby’s blunder with the clock is symbolic. He knocks over time just as he tries to recreate his past with Daisy.
  • Weather - The rain proved awkward and melancholy. It symbolizes their love reawakes just as the sun begins to come out.
  • English shirts - They are luxuries; it symbolizes Gatsby is rich now, different from before and that's also what makes Daisy “sad because she has never seen such--such beautiful shirts before”. It foreshadows Daisy’s change from purity to corruption.
  • Gatsby’s clothes - His clothes is white, silver and gold. The gold symbolizes Gatsby is wealthy. White symbolizes innocence; Gatsby tries to be more innocent, as before, so he could get back with  Daisy
  • The Green Light - In previous chapters the green light represents a spring or a new beginning, as hope or promise for a relationship with Daisy. “You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock”-- Gatsby was staring at the green light and dreaming about their future; representing that Gatsby’s dream has come true. 
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