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`Great Expectations' Chapter Summaries:

Chapter 1: Main character Pip introduced. He sits in the isolated churchyard, staring at his parents' tombstones.
Suddenly, a horrific man, growling, is introduced from behind the gravestones and threatens Pip. This escaped
convict demands he brings him food and a file with which he can…

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`Great Expectations' Chapter Summaries:

Mrs. Joe complains about Orlick taking a holiday, and they launch into a shouting match. She orders Joe to
defend her and Joe quickly defeats Orlick in the fight. Pip visits Miss Havisham and learns that Estella has been
sent abroad. On the way home from…

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`Great Expectations' Chapter Summaries:

the coach at its first stop. He chooses to stay at the hotel not Joes and he learns that Pumblechook is taking
credit for his rise in status.

Chapter 29: He travels to Satis House the next day and pictures himself as a knight riding to…

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`Great Expectations' Chapter Summaries:

manners to obtain a light sentence. Magwitch wanted revenge, and Compeyson was the man Pip saw him
struggling with that night on the marsh. A note reveals that Arthur was Miss Havisham's half brother and
Compeyson was the man who stood her up on their wedding…

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`Great Expectations' Chapter Summaries:

Magwitch resurfaces. He claims not to have drowned Compeyson, though he says he would have liked to, but he
is arrested. Now completely loyal to him, Pip takes his hand and promises to stand by him.

Chapter 55: Jaggers is certain that Magwitch will be found…


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