How does Fitzgerald present Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship in Chapter 5?

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How does Fitzgerald present Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship in Chapter 5?

In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald portrays Gatsby and Daisy’s relationships in different ways and aspects to represent different themes and ideas throughout the novel, chapter 5 in particular by being more expressive and forward with the emotions hiding behind both characters.

In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald portrays love materialistically throughout the novel but in Chapter 5 particularly, we begin to see the small sparks of true love between Daisy and Gatsby. Their relationship is presented in a way sympathetic way by showing Gatsby from a vulnerable perspective for the first time. In Daisy’s presence “He literally glowed...a new well-being radiated from him”(pg 57) which is very different to how he’s presented up until this point; much more open, real and extraverted. Even at events such the parties, one would expect Gatsby to be enjoying these “large parties” he often throws, full of glamour, wealth and enjoyment. Instead, even at his own parties Gatsby is nowhere to be seen; and once Nick meets him he was “standing alone” just like the first time Nick saw him at the dock, singular “figure...regarding the silver pepper of the stars(15)” which could reflect on his longing to meet Daisy. Hoping she would one day attend his party and he would be able to restore his dream; his own version of the American Dream. After the war many people begun to challenge the idea that an individual can achieve anything regardless of what social background they come from; the book reflects on the process of challenging the possibility of all the different dreams, capturing the failures and successes of each. By looking at the novel as a whole, it can be easily established that all ‘American Dreams’ in the novel failed and ended in a variety of tragic ways. From Gatsby’s and Myrtles deaths to the unhappy future of Daisy and Tom. Similarly to the destiny of characters in Of Mice and Men where the American Dream was simply unachievable. Gatsby’s feelings towards Daisy were the most real and genuine feelings expressed in the novel so far, since we know that Gatsby means it; unlike the way Tom feels towards Daisy in chapter 2 and in fact throughout the novel by having an affair.

We need to be aware that all these observations are made by Nick, who’s narrative perspective its’ told from and now he’s aware of the real feelings Gatsby holds for Daisy. Furthermore, it might be of significance that because back in chapter 2 Nick met Myrtle and is aware of the affair


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