Pluralist view on media

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  • Pluralist View on the Media
    • Intro
      • Pluralists see power as widely distributed in democratic societies. ?
      • they believe that no one group is dominant and that all groups have a say
    • The Pluralist Approach
      • Role of owners
        • Media companies compete against each other meaning diversity is need to attract interest
        • No direct control
          • Whale
            • They have other commitments that occupy them so they don't have time to think of detail of media content
      • Media Content (messages)
        • The content is based on what the audience  want/ see as important
          • As everything is profit driven and the audience is their main source
          • Not the owners
      • Role of the media managers/ journalist
        • They have high levels of independene and free from direct control as long as they attract the audience
        • They don't tend to be biased as they have to attract a variety of audiences
      • View of audience
        • the readers, viewers, listeners are the real power holders
        • They can make choices that suits them meaning they can accept or reject the media content
      • Criticism
        • Powerless groups do not always have the resources (money) to set up media companies
          • Therefore they can communicate their ideologies
          • The audience then don't have divert of media
        • Curran
          • Media owners have undermined newspapers independence as they subtly choose editors they now will be a reliable source


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