Sociology G673 power and control Pluralism

Info on pluralism and the media

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Pluralism and the media

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  • Media seen as offering a wide selection of views of various groups in society.
  • Modern society is democratic and people have freedom of choice. If they did not like the out put of the media, they would not buy it or watch it.
  • No one is controlling we have so much choice cant be being brainwashed, people have control.
  • Media have to give the public what they want or they would go out of business.
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Points to support Pluralist views

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  • Media are not all powerful-governments have tried to make rules against media owners having too much power.
  • Vertical integration has been considered unfair for two reasons: 
    • 1. It doesn't allow competition to survive because smaller companies can't compete withcheaper costs of conglomerates.
    • 2. It reduces consumer choice because one person's orgroup's views or products can become too dominant.
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Criticisms of Pluralist views

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  • Fails to address narrow backgrounds of the media professionals.
  • Ignore the role of owners in shaping content of the media.
  • Diversity and choice limited by power of advertisers.
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