Physical Fitness Components

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  • Physical Fitness Components.
    • Srength
      • The Amount Of Force That Can Be Generated By A Muscle When It's Contracting.
        • Fitness Test For This Component.
          • Hand Grip Test
          • Free Weights
    • Speed
      • How Fast A Muscle Can Contract, Once Or Repeatedly In A Given Amount Of Time.
        • Fitness Test For This Component.
          • Hollow Sprints.
          • Acceleration Sprints.
    • Aerobic Endurance
      • The Measure  Of How Well You Are Able To Keep Your Muscles Supplied With O2.
        • Fitness Test For This Component.
          • Fart leck Training
          • Interval Training
    • Flexability
      • The Range Of Movement Possible At A Joint. How Elastic The Ligaments Are.
        • Fitness Test For This Component.
          • Sit & Reach.
    • Muscular Endurance
      • To Allow Your Muscles To Exert Force For A Long Time.
    • Body Composition
      • This Is The Measure Of How Much Your Body Is Made Up Of Muscle Compared With How Much Is Made Up Of Fat.


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