Cadmus Key Quotes

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  • Cadmus
    • 'I have come ready, wearing these clothes of the god'
    • 'We must honour him as much as we are able'
    • [re Pentheus] 'Even if this person is no god, as you say, declare him one! Tell a lie in a good cause!'
    • 'Yes, for he was insulted, outraged; because you did not consider him a god'
    • 'If anyone despised divinity, let him look on this man's death, and believe in the gods!'
    • 'Where the hounds once tore Acteon apart'
      • ironic as Acteon was turned into a stag then killed by his own hounds and Pentheus is killed by his own mother and aunts.
    • 'It is not right that the gods should resemble mortals in their passions'
    • 'The god, lord Bromius, who was born in our family, has destroyed us; with justice, yes, but excessively hard'
    • [re Agave] 'If you come to understand what you have done, you will feel terrible pain'


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