PE Health and diet

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    • Health and fitness
      • Muscular endurance
        • Move a weight for a long time
      • Fitness
        • The ability to meet the demands of the environment
      • Muscular Strength
        • Lift heavy weights
      • Health
        • A complete state of Physical, mental and social well being
          • Mental
            • Cope with Stress
          • Physical
            • Healthy body, no injuries
          • Social
            • Friends, support, healthy relationships
      • Flexibility
        • The amount of movement around a joint
      • Body composition
        • Ratio of fat, muscle and bone
      • Stamina
        • Healthy heart,blood and lungs
      • Balance
        • Keep body stable
      • Reaction time
        • Being fast to react to a stimulus
      • Speed
        • Being fast
      • Timing
        • Perform a skill at the exact moment it is needed
      • Power
        • Speed and strength
      • Agility
        • Change direction quickly and in control
      • Co-ordination
        • being able to use 2 or more parts of the body at once
    • Diet
      • A balanced diet gives the body nourishment to maintain physical health
      • Nutrition
        • The link between diet and health
      • Carb loading
        • Eating lots of carbohydrates builds up energy levels
      • Dehydration
        • Extreme lack of  water in the body.
      • Protein
        • Builds and repairs muscles
      • Dietary Imbalances
        • Obesity
          • Overweight due to too much food and not enough exercise
        • Anorexia
          • Eating disorder caused by refusal to eat  to maintain body weight for height and age
        • Bulimia
          • Binge eating followed quickly by vomiting to control weight


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