optimistic and pessimistic models

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  • optimistic and pessimistic models
    • Optimist
      • esther Boserup
        • increase in population acts a way to a advance agricultral methods
        • human initaitive to create fertilisers,irrigation and HYV's suggest an increase to invention with population
      • Julian Simon
        • The ultimate resource was humans
        • The supply of natural resources is infinite
        • through human inginuity we find new resources and find new ways of extracing sources
    • pessimist
      • Thomas Malthus
        • population grows at a geometric rate,while food supply grows at a arethmetic rate
        • there would be famine in the world unless mankind showed moral restraint
      • Malthus theory may be seen as correct as in africa there is wide spread famine,however there is no direct correlation to population.factors such as climate and war lead to famine also.


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