GEOG- Population

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  • STAGE 1- High fluctuation, concave sides, contrasts between natural increase and decrease. limited birth control, children are the future source of income etc, high incidence of disease and poor nutrition and famine and hygiene. Tribes in amazon etc.
  • STAGE 2- Early expanding, straight sides, natural increase in population, improved public health, better nutrition, lower child mortality etc. India
  • STAGE 3- Late expanding,  convex sides, changes in socioeconomic conditions, greater access to education for women, knowledge of contraception, compulsory schooling, lower infant motality rate etc. Argentina
  • STAGE 4- Low fluctuating, convex sides, falling fertility rate, more women in workforce, increasing aged structure and higher incomes. UK
  • STAGE 5- Decline, death rate exceeds birth rates, greater financial independence for women, death rate may increase as aged population, emancipation of women


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