food vs. resources theories

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  • food vs. resources - theories
    • thomas MALTHUS
      • population grows in a geometric (exponential) rate
      • food production grows at a constant rate
      • population will ultimately exceed food production
      • pessimist
      • new technology, up to date for growing food, does not apply to MEDC's now
      • limitations
        • over 200 years old, does not apply to the whole world
        • only valid to Britain 200 years ago therefore LEDC's like Ethiopia now
        • no technology, little production expectations
    • esther BOSERUP
      • agricultural economist from Denmark
      • 1965, more modern but is still aged
      • optimist
      • when population and food production get close, food production will rise
        • scared of famine
      • agricultural revolution- boost food production to avoid the famine
      • limitations
        • does not apply to the whole world due to being 50 years ago
    • julian SIMON
      • optimist
      • coal - finite - will run out
      • he claimed they are infinite
      • 4 points
        • find more
        • extract more
        • live without it
        • find an alternative
      • limitations
        • wrong info, fossil fuels will run out
        • over 30 years ago
        • using less of a resource - does not work with a growing population
    • Club of Rome
      • late 20th century
      • computer generated model
      • uses all three theories to make sure all parts of the world are considered (NIC's, MEDC's, LEDC's)
      • is the best because it accounts to everything
      • most up to date, modernises the old ones. suggests future changes
      • limitations
        • uses the past - has not come up with a new idea
        • trends can change in data - does not account for changes
        • not produced anything new, put all old ideas together


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