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Population and Resources.

The world's population has been growing at an alarming rate for many years and this
has lead to many Geographers to question whether or not the Earth can cope with the
increased pressure upon its finite resources.

Many discussions have occurred on this subject and two contrasting…

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Population and Resources.

Pessimistic Approach:
In An Essay on the Principle of Population (1798) an English clergyman and
Economist, Thomas Malthus suggested that overpopulation should be viewed

He predicted that if the world's population continues to increase it would eventually
outgrow the food available and this would then result…

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Population and Resources.

Accelerated population growth in LEDCs since 1960s has renewed Malthusian fears.
In 1972 the Club of Rome, a group of neomalthusians from ten countries, published
"The Limits to Growth" Model. Their basic conclusion was:
· If present growth trends in the worlds population continue, as if associated…


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