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Malthus, Boserup and Simon, Club of Rome ­ Population and resources


Thomas Malthus was an English church minister. In 1798 he wrote his `Essay on the Principle of
Population as it affects the Futures Improvement of Society.' He argued that population grows at a
geometric rate, where as food…

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Boserup and Simon

Esther Boserup was a Danish agricultural economist. In 1965 she put forward her theory to explain
why Malthus's ideas had not proved to be true. She said that increases in population will make
changes in agricultural methods. She saw that necessity is the mother of invention. In…

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The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome model is currently the most influential of the three models. It was a
computer-based simulation of the future development of the world's population, on the most
up-to-date computing power available at that time. Here are some of the main points of the…


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