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Population revision cards…read more

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Highly populated countries
1. China- 1.3 billion
2. India- 1.1billion
3. USA- 302 million
4. Indonesia- 232 million
5. Brazil- 189 million
2050 predictions-
1. India- 1.7 billion
2. China- 1.4 billion
3. USA-420 million
4. Indonesia- 297 million
5. Pakistan- 295 million…read more

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Causes of population growth
· Social provision Environmental
­ The elderly Natural disasters
­ Technology Hazards
­ Services Diseases
· Education Political
­ Age people finish school Tax
­ Female literacy Economy
­ Sexual health Wars
· Health Cultural
­ Diet Religion
­ Illness Status
­ Fertility Role of women
­ Healthcare accessibility
­ Contraception
­ Disease control
­ Infant mortality…read more

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Definitions- Population indicators
· Fertility rate- the number of children a woman is expected
to have during her life time
· Birth rate-the number of live births per 1000 per year
· Death rate- the number of deaths per 1000 per year
· Population density- the average number of people per
square km
· Migration rate- the difference between immigrants and
emigrants of an area over a period of time, divided per
1000 inhabitants
· Net population- the difference between birth and death
rate of a country
· Life expectancy- The average age people are expected to
live to in a country
· Infant mortality- the number of deaths of infants under 1
per 1000 live births…read more

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Demographic transition model…read more

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Advantages and Disadvantages of DTM
Advantages Disadvantages
·Dynamic shows population change ·Assumes go through
over time industrialisation and move into stage
·Shows how UK population has 2
changed due to economic ·Not all developed countries have
development low birth rates
·Useful to shows changes in ·Original model did not contain stage
population due to industrialisation 5
·Shows how birth and death rates ·Too European
and population has changed over ·A country can be in-between stages
time ·Does not give reasons for change
·Model can be used to predict ·Does not show HIV/AIDS
population ·Does not think about migration
·Country comparisons can be made changes
·Represents Europe effectively…read more

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