NAACP achievements by the end of the 1950s

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  • NAACP achievements by the end of the 1950's
    • Slavery was abolished
      • 1865- slavery was abolished.
    • Educational opportunities for black people.
      • Cooper vs Aaron- Ruled that the Brown decision was binding on all states no one could ignore it.
      • Brown Case- Brown vs Topeka
      • 1972- Little rock became fully desegregated
      • Large number of segregated schools still around
    • 14th amendment- non denial of citizenship.
      • Cooper vs Aaron
      • Browder vs Gayle
      • Shelly vs Kraemer
      • Montgomery bus boycott
      • Freedom of speech and in public places
    • Equal voting rights
      • 1956- 80% of black americans did not have the vote
      • 57 & 60 civil rights acts only added 3% to the voting role
      • had to pass tests to vote. Many failed as they could not read or write
      • 1957- only 7000 of Mississippi's900,000 were allowed to vote and even then there were impossible questions.
  • Brown Case- Brown vs Topeka


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