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How far do you agree that the impact of the Second World War
was the main reason why the position of African Americans
improved in the years 1945­55?

The impact of the Second World War was, without a doubt, crucial in improving the lives of black
Americans over the years…

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Another factor that had a significant impact on the lives of African Americans was initiatives
implemented by President Truman. Truman appeared to be committed to challenging segregation;
he valued the importance of the Black vote. In 1946, Truman's committee on civil rights was
established, a report called "To secure these…

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proved that Civil Rights organisations, using the right tactics were able to convert De Jure victories
into De Facto. Conversely it could be argued that, like with other factors, even the success of Direct
Action could be argued of having limited effects in improving the lives of Black Americans. The…


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