Mr Birling Act I

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  • Mr Birling Act I
    • Aware if his social superiors
      • "the same port your father gets from him"
      • "her husband's social superior"
    • Constantly talking about his business
      • Inappropriate to the occassion
      • "business"
      • "Crofts Limited"
      • "Birling and Company"
      • "Lower costs and higher prices".
        • Driven by money
    • Dramatic irony makes audience doubt his judgment
      • ForeshadowsMr Birling being wrong again.
      • "Nobody wants war"
        • "There's nothing to gain by war"
        • "Some people say war's inevitable...fiddlesticks!"
      • "the Titanic...absolutley unsinkable"
      • "Lets say in 1940 - you may be giving a little party like this".
    • Opinionated
      • "Russia, which will always be behind us naturally"
      • "Rubbish" said several times
    • Proud
      • "I might find my way onto the next Honours List"
      • "There's a very good chance of knighthood"
        • Arrogant
          • "I was Lord Mayor"
          • "I know the Brumley police officers pretty well"
    • Extremely selfish
      • "A man has to make his own way - has to look after himself"
      • "Community and all that nonsense"
      • "Has to look after himself and his own".
        • Directly contradicts Inspector's/Preistley's views
      • "I can't except any repsonsibility"
    • "Impat[ient]"
      • "Impatience" and "restlessly"  used many times when talking to Inspector
    • Unsympathetic
      • "So she had to go"
      • "It was quite justified"
      • "Wretched girl"
  • "her husband's social superior"


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