Mr Birling

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  • Mr Birling
    • Characteristics
      • wannabe upper class
      • "heavy looking and portentous"-self important
      • self centred
        • pleased about the engagement, for his business
        • during the speech, he is just focusing on his business and not the wedding
      • strongly capitalist
        • "a man has to make his own way"
        • "look after his own"
      • believes everything can be sorted with money and status
        • deliberately talks about the Chieft Constable to threaten the Inspector
        • "I'd give thousands' to be able to sort out the problems
      • Not approachable or loving just cares about business
        • Eric describes him as 'not the kind of chap a man could turn to when he's in trouble
      • describes himself as a 'hard headed business man'
        • he is very proud
      • He is very aware of his social class and that he is below Gerald's family and is quite embarrassed
      • narrow-minded and set on his views
        • 'I refused of course' can't see why anyone would think what he did to Eva was wrong
    • Purpose in the play
      • to show the opposite of Priestly's views (Capitalism)and to Birling's character allows him to prove it wrong by using dramatic irony
        • Birling makes very wrong predictions for the titanic claiming it is 'unsinkable' and claiming that a war won't occur, Priestly does this at the beginning to almost make a disclaimer that all he says is untruthful because of course the audience will know that all of these predictions are utter nonsense and untrue.
        • He represents the older generation
        • Upper class, although not born into it
        • He acts as a contrast to Sheila and Eric's feeling of responsibility
          • does not care about Eva's death, does not feel responsible simple feels worried about his knighthood
  • "heavy looking and portentous"-self important


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