Montains Men and Indians: Friends or Foes?

A number of ideas to show whether the Mountain Men (MM) were friendly to the Indians or caused harm to the. It also gives some examples too.

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  • Mountain Men & Indians: friends or foes?
    • Both expert trackers & hunters, knew ways of animals & uses of plants
    • Began to discover the destruction of Indian life
    • Sometimes worked together but sometimes fought
    • Blackfoot Nation were dangerous
    • Shoshone Nation were friendlier
    • Examples of FRIENDS
      • Jim Bridger
        • 3 Indian wives in succession
      • Jim Beckwith
        • Became Indian Cheif
    • Many MM married Indian Women
      • MM discovered firearms, alcohol, smallpox & STD's
    • Some comfort & support
      • In general nothing was gained by the Indians from the MM
    • Examples of FOES
      • Jeremiah Johnson, Killed every Indian he saw
        • Said that an Indian killed & scalped his pregnant wife


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