Indians - Way of Life, Religion & Values

key points on the indians way of life and their religous beliefs

bbc bitesize explains points made in more detail if needed

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Indian Way Of Life:
· nomadic ­ moved around, plains didn't support lifestyle, follow
buffalo, great spirit wanted them to move around
· limited technology
· hunter gatherers ­ gathered maize, beans etc but asked permission
from spirits
· lived off buffalo ­ food, clothes, tipis etc
· men ­ war women ­ cooking, cleaning, children
· decorations had religious meanings
· currency was horses not money
· lived in tipis ­ warm in winter, cool in summer, wind protection, easy
to move, circular "power of the world works in circles", thought a
fixed home was unhealthy
Religion + Values:
· very religious
· believed in Great Spirit ­ Wakan Tanka
· religion based on desire to appease spirits
· fasting ­ young men, self harm, see animal which is spirit friend
· sun dance ceremony, central pole (sun), young men hung themselves
from it by nipples
· spirits caused bad weather + illness
· thought medicine man could ask spirits for help
· buffalo dance ­ thought it would bring them buffalo
· circles ­ sky and earth is round, seasons go round, life cycle goes
round, birds nests, tipis, should return to ground when dead as born
from ground
Attitude to Land:
· land was their mother
· put there by Great Spirit to support mankind
· could not be owned or sold
· belonged to all creatures
· eternal
· spirits lived in earth, unwise to anger them


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