Mountain Men

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  • Mountain Men
    • Why did they travel onto the Plains?
      • Some of the first non-Indians to travel West across the Plains and over the Rockies were the fur trappers.
      • The trappers blazed trails into the heartlands of the far West.
      • They roamed the Rocky mountains, trapping beavers and hunting other animals.
      • To hunt beavers,bear and elk in the 1820s.
    • What dangers did they face?
      • The climate was harsh
      • It was common to see 50-60 grizzly bears each day.
      • Smallpox - this was spread by a steamboat.
    • Survival on the Plains
      • They wore fur hats
      • Trading fur flourished during 1820-1840
      • They trapped beavers and hunted other animals
      • Harsh Climate - could easily freeze to death
      • They had pistols, rifles and tomohawks
    • Friend or Foe with the Plains Indians
      • They were friendly with each other
      • Some of them married into Indian tribes
        • This gave them family ties and somewhere to live in the winter
      • Introduced the Indians to firearms and alcohol, beginnig of the destruction of the Indian way of life.
    • The Rendezvous
      • 1825 -1840
      • All trappers agreed to meet and trade their years catches. All races would meet.
      • It would take place once a year.
      • They would trade furs, furs, powder, knives, beaver traps, coffee, sugar, blankets, tobacco and whisky.
    • After 1840, what happened?
      • Most of the beavers had died
        • Therefore, they had to move on
      • Only 120 trappers left so trading wasn't as often.
      • Beaver hats were less fashionable
      • Some guided wagon trains across the West.


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