The Mountain Men

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  • Mountain Men
    • 1. What did they actually do?
      • They were trappers, and collected animal fur for hats and clothes
      • Rendezvous
        • Many of them spent their money on gambling and alcohol here
        • Occurred once a year where they met to trade
        • This happened from 1825 to 1840
    • 2. Problems they faced
      • Hostile Indians
      • Bears
      • River crossings
      • Lack of accomodation
      • Lice in clothes (they put their clothes on ant hills to kill the lice)
    • 3. Ways of solving their problems
      • befriending Indians
        • They would often marry the Indians women
        • This gave them a place to stay
      • Trading guns and alcohol with Indians
    • 4. Affect they had on the Indians
      • Introduced to weapons and drink
      • Cannibal Phil went on a hunting trip and ate his wife
      • They Scalped unfriendly Indians
      • Brought small pox to them
    • 5. The end of the Mountain Men trapping
      • 1836
        • Beaver hats became out of fashion in the East and Europe
        • Only 120 trappers
      • 1837
        • Trappers where, therefore no longer welcome
        • Smallpox killed the Indian friends of the mountain men


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