perceptual and motor ability

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  • motor and perceptual  ability
    • perceptual ability - taking in infor then recognising and making sense from it
      • uses info from senses (touch, sight, sound, smell)
      • what perceptual abilities enable you to do
        • analysis of movement - seeing how the player moves and predicting the outcome
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        • Speed of perception - comparing the various elements of the display
          • EXAMPLE : looking at the spin, pace and direction of a cricket ball to decide how to bat the ball in cricket
        • Dividing attention between multiple stimuli
          • EXAMPLE: a basketball player on defense has to see where the player he/she is marking while still knowing where the player with the ball is
        • Selective attention - filtering out the information that is not important to performance
          • EXAMPLE: not paying attention to the crowd at a match
      • genetically inherited
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        • genetically inherited


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