Skill and Ability

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  • inherited, innate and generally enduring traits that an individual possesses, allowing them to complete various tasks. e.g. explosive strength, balance, speed, stamina. 

perceptual ability: the ability to sense and interpret information

psychomotor ability: the ability to assess a stimulus and respond with the correct action.

gross motor ability: the characteristic required to perform large muscle group movements, such as strength needed in a rugby tackle.


  • The learned ability to bring about predetermined results with maximum certainty, often with the minimal outlay of time, energy or both.

characteristics of skill: (lucky cats get a fish consistently every saturday evening)

  • Learned
  • Consistent
  • goal-directed
  • aesthetic
  • technical
  • controlled
  • efficient
  • smooth

3 parts to a skill

  • cognitive: thought before the action, mental processes
  • perceptual


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