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Aquisition of skill

Anatomy and physiology

HIstory of sport

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Motor skills: leanred, goal directed movement                                                 Perceptual skills: interpretation of a given stimuli                                              Cognitive skills: use of thoughts/intelect to decide upon an action.

Indicators of a skilled performer:

Consistant: can repeat the skill at will, with regular levels of success.                          Fluent: movements are smooth and continuous.                                                 Aesthetically pleasing: looks gracefull in action-looks good.                               Efficient: dont waste energy unneccersarily.                                                                   Increased self confidence.                                                                                               Delect and correct errors without prompt.                                                                 Minimum conscious thought

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Characteristics of Ability: innate, stable, induring characteristicsa that underpin skilfull movement.                                                                                                                           Innate: born with.                                                                                                            Stable: consistant, unchanging.                                                                               Underpin skilfull movement: allows us to perform associated skills well. 


Perceptual motor abilities: information processing and decision making.

limb coordination, reaction time, speed of arm movement, arm-hand steadiness and aiming.

Gross motor ability:  include movement related to physical fitness.

static strength, dynamic strength, explosive strength, trunk strength, dynamic flexiblity, stamina

General sporting ability: different sports require different abilities. The natural all round sportsman has a number of ablilities.

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