Miracles Mindmap

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    • Examples
      • Moses parting the Red Sea to allow the Jewish slaves to escape Egypt
      • Statue's of Ganesh drinking Milk worldwide before all stopping at the same time
    • A miracle is an event that appears to break the laws of nature
      • God works in the world through miracles (Christian)
      • Through Practise and Meditation, oneself can develop miraculous powers (Buddhist)
    • Reasons For Miracles
      • There are often a lot of witnesses
      • With so many examples of Miracles, One must be real
      • Many people have changed Religion due to Miracles, therefore they must exist
      • It is believed that prayer can sometimes produce miraculous healings
      • For Many Miracles, there is no explanation, hence they must be an act of God
    • Reasons Against Miracles
      • Miracles are later proven as scientific fact, the knowledge possessed during the time of Jesus is surpassed by that of the present
      • Coincidences Happen
      • Witnesses might make Miracles to seem 'Holy' in front of their peers
      • Hallucinations
      • Mirages?
      • Never Enough Evidence
      • David Hume


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