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  • The Bible
    • Christians believe it is God revealing himself
    • It allows us to know God
      • It is the only true way that we can know God
    • It gives Christians a guide as to how God would like them to lead their lives
      • They can look at past events and see how people have responded to him in the past.
    • It allows Christians to feel closer to God
      • They can learn more about God and what his is like
    • Public worship
      • pasages from the Bible are used in most public worship
        • Catholic Mass - Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of teh Eucharist
        • Protestant service - use of passages to emphasise a particular theme
        • Quaker serice - sit in silence until inspired to read a passage by the Holy Spirit
        • Study groups - To better understand the Bible, reading, discussing and sharing thoughts
    • Private worship
      • Prayers - Psalms and Gospes bring us close to God.
      • Meditation - quietly reflecting on what a passage means to you
      • support - using it as a guide or solution
      • Reminder - Helps Christians feel closer to God
    • The word of God
      • It is the most sacred text for Christians and is a source of authority
      • Old Testament
        • It includes literature, law, prophecy, history, liturgy and poetry. One of the most important ideas for Christians is the relationship between God and humanity
      • New Testament
        • Contains writings of early Christians. 4 gospels tell the life and teachings of Jesus
        • Final book shows the struggles between good and evil - book of Revelation. It describes the day of judgement
    • Authority of the Bible
      • Catholic view
        • Believe the Holy Spirit inspirered both the people who wrote the books , whih are paret of the canon and those who decided which books had been intended by God to be part of the new Testament ,
        • The Literist view
          • Many Protestant churches and charasmatic Christians believe that the Bible has verbal inerrancy - every word was inspired by God's guidance of the writers through the Holy Spirit.


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