Believing in God MindMap

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  • Believing in God
    • Religious Upbringing and belief in God
      • Baptism
      • School
      • Parents' Exampls
      • Worship
      • Confirmation
      • Community
    • Religious Experiences and Belief in God
      • Numinous Experience
      • Conversion
      • Prayer
      • Miracles
    • The Argument of Design and Purpose
      • William Paley's Argument of Design
      • The Universe is too complex to have happened by chance or be designed by anything other than God.
      • A watch has many parts that have been designed and carefully made to work successfully, therefore Paley argued the same of the Universe and the only person capable of designing this was God.
    • The Evidence of Causation
      • Nothing happens by itself.
      • Everything that happens must be caused by something else.
      • The Universe cannot have happened by itself, a powerful cause was necessary to cause the universe.
      • The cause was God.
    • Reasons why People do not Believe in God - Science
      • Big Bang Theory - 15 Billion Years Ago
      • Evolution - Darwin's Theory of Evolution.
      • Natural Selection - Survival of the best characteristic
    • Reasons Why People do not Believe in God - Unanswered Prayer
      • If prayers are unanswered people may think God is not listening.
      • Many people who experience pain and suffering in their lives pray to God but God does not answer.
      • Unanswered prayers may lead to some Christians to question their belief in God, to reject him or believe he does not exist.
    • Reasons Why People do not Believe in God - Evil and Suffering
      • Moral Evil - eg. Murder, ****, War and Theft
      • Natural Evil - e.g. famine, disease and natural disasters
      • Omni-benevolent - if god is all good, he would remove evil and suffering.
      • omnipotent - If God is all powerful he would remove all suffering
      • omniscient - If God is all knowing, he would know how to remove all evil and suffering.


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