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  • Forms of pollution
    • Waste
      • Not biodegradable or recyclable
      • Takes up space
      • Spreads disease
      • Releases dangerous chemicals
      • Examples: new technology like computers
    • Land
      • Soil/land pollution leads to poor plant growth
      • Threatens animal habitats
      • Examples: littering, pesticides, radioactive waste
    • Air
      • Substances or chemicals released into atmosphere that threaten chemical balance of air
      • Leads to acid rain caused by burning fossil fuels (then damages trees etc)
      • Causes smog = affects humans and animals
      • Examples: vehicle fumes, CFC's, burning fossil fuels, power station waste
    • Water
      • Contamination of rivers, lakes, oceans + reservoirs.
      • Affects water quality and plants/animals living there.
      • Examples: chemicals, fertilisers, oil, sewage and eutrophication.
        • Eutrophication: too many nutrients affect environment ( algae grow and bacteria that break down nutrients use up oxygen needed for fish)


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